Monday, April 27, 2009


There is always a reason when someone starts a new blog. My reason for this blog is because of a spoon.


This spoon was my tasting spoon during my stage at The York Club here in Toronto. I used this spoon countless times to see what certain sauces were supposed to taste like. It allowed me to sample practically everything that was made there while I was working.

Its real silver, I think it was used for tea service. Its insanely tarnished and its worked its way into our regular utensil drawer. Usually it was always way at the bottom, but I needed it for something since most of my small spoons were dirty or in use due to lots visiting family and serving lots of tea. I pulled it out the other day and just stared at it.

This spoon means so much. Its part of my life before I became a stay at home mom. It came into my knife case during a time of great freedom. The chef at The York Club said I was definitely looking to go off in the right direction and that I would do well in the industry. Most of my chefs at college told me that as well. I had a good tasting tongue and I was creative with foods. I never had the goal to own or manage my own restaurant, I just wanted a top position on the line. That's all, I wanted the hot line with all the action and the starting role on a Friday or Saturday night.

Nowadays I cook for my husband who will in all honestly probley eat anything and two little boys. The youngest seems to be following in his fathers footsteps but considering hes only 2 that more than likely change. My 4 year old is the pickiest eater ever. I can probley name all the things he will eat that's not junk on my two hands. That helped me lose my love of cooking. Seriously who wants to cook a well detailed or planned meal when half your household refuses to eat it.

I've been doing some thinking and I still love food and am incredibly addicted to the Food Network and collecting cookbooks and food magazines. I need to get back to my passion for food and I'm hoping that with this blog I can hold myself accountable to try things again. To take the time to make good meals, to think outside the handful of foods I usually always serve. and mostly to bake more. I always want to be that mom with all the great home baked things so that when people come over there's always something waiting for them.

So this is my record of the rekindling of my passion for food.

hmmmm who knew a small spoon could do so much.

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