Wednesday, June 17, 2009

mmm... fakey goodness.

What do you get when you make
Sugar cookies
don't forget the icing and maybe throw in some coconut?
and mix them together?


Care to take a guess?

You get a brownie burger cupcake!
The Ketchup and Mustard are icing and the lettuce is coconut.
How frigging cute is that?

Here is the army of them before they were topped.

Don't forget your side of cookies!
Just a regular batch of sugar cookies rolled and cut into fry stripes.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

He bakes!

Obviously my husband is enjoying the baking of this house. He's even gotten into it himself. I recently acquired a Gordan Ramsey cookbook.

Only I got it for 50% off. Seriously I have such an addiction to cookbooks that I bought this because I fell in love with 1-2 recipes inside(which I will make and post about soon, Promise). My Bookcase is buckling under the weigh of these books.

Anyways Tom saw a recipe for Oaty Walnut and Cheese Biscuits.
So him and our oldest made them the other day. And of course since a 4 year old was involved, the outcome was cute.

That's right its dinosaurs! These were great, everyone who tried them said yummy things. Though I think when I make them next I'm gonna play with it a bit. They do seem a tad plain and well we are not.